Our team of TSCM experts provides a series of specialist courses in various surveillance disciplines. These courses are usually held in Stockholm, Sweden at our training facility or can be held at your premises by arrangement.
Courses contain much practical involvement and are normally held in classes of ten students. We provide all training equipment and facilities.
Surveillance training can be tailored and customised to suit your investigative role within your organisation.

TSCM - Stage One, 3 days
Course Description
This three day course is directed at personnel tasked with carrying out physical and technical searches for electronic surveillance and eavesdropping devices.  Through presentations and practical exercises the course provides a foundation level knowledge of attack and counter techniques and equipment.  The course aim is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be able to make an accurate threat assessment and carry out a low to medium level threat search for eavesdropping devices.
Course Content

  • Conducting threat assessments
  • Radio and modulation theory
  • Analogue and digital techniques
  • Covert audio and video surveillance
  • Covert intercept and eavesdropping of telephone systems, cell phones and computers
  • TSCM techniques and equipment
  • Pre-deployment plans and strategy
  • Reports and recommendations

TSCM - Stage Two, 5 days
Course Description
This 5 day advanced course builds on the knowledge gained from the 3 day course with an emphasis on practical, hands-on training in a variety of realistic attack scenarios. The course aim is to provide students with the extensive detailed knowledge and training that will enable them to understand, identify and neutralise a high level/sophisticated threat.
Course Content

  • Sophisticated attack process
  • Advanced physical search techniques
  • Tamper evident labels and seals
  • Advanced features of counter surveillance equipment
  • The radio spectrum and eavesdropping signatures
  • Deep-plant attack and hard-wired microphone installations
  • Disruption techniques
  • Examining residential and office telephone systems and wiring
  • Combating computer hard-disk and media cloning, including key-stroke logging
  • Cell phone and Wi-Fi eavesdropping
  • Advanced techniques to counter GSM/3G technologies
  • Vehicle/transport attack and counter


TSCM - Equipment Training
This is our special training solution. We provide you with an custom made training session specific to your own TSCM equipment that you got thrue our sales program.

We help you understand and use it to it's full capacity. This training is for those how have already certified in our stage one and two training but need deeper knowledge about the technical benefits and useage of the equipment.